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Frequently Asked questions


Purchase Process


Our application or phone interview is the first step taken when purchasing a puppy. 

The second step will be our waiting list and then deciding on a puppy.

Please fill out the application in detail with the traits desired in your puppy and provide as much information as possible about your experience with dogs in general and specifically a Great Dane.  This information helps us to recommend puppies that will fit into your lifestyle based on personality and temperament if you should need our help deciding on a puppy.



Waiting lists

After careful consideration, we have decided that we will only maintain a list for families who have committed to securing a place in line with a deposit. 

Our deposit is $500.   For families placing a deposit before a litter is born, they have the option to place $250 down and the remaining $250 once a puppy is chosen.


 We as the breeders maintain the right to hold puppies out to evaluate them for ourselves.


We understand that some families prefer to choose their puppies in person, however at this time we do not allow in person visits.   Our puppies are born in and raised in our home.  This is also our  children's home and their safety is of utmost importance to us so we do have a no visitation policy.  We are happy to set up a time to facetime/video chat with families.





All puppies are sold on limited AKC Registration unless other arrangements are agreed upon in writing prior to placing a deposit. 

We only offer Full AKC Registration on a select few puppies, so please let us know if this is something that you are interested in before selecting a puppy.


Deposits & Early Deposits


To secure a puppy from a specific litter a deposit is required. 

We will not hold a puppy without a deposit. 

Deposit is $500 with the remainder due at pick up. 


Deposits are only refundable if a puppy dies in our care.  


All early deposits are transferable until a desired puppy is born.  Once you commit to a puppy, deposits are non-transferrable.


We accept Cash, Zelle, Cash App, Venmo,  Money Orders,  Personal Checks & Walmart to Walmart for deposits only.  Cash is the only acceptable payment for the remaining balance at pick up.






Our Great Dane puppies are typically priced at $2000 - 2500

Our Euro line is $2500 + 

Our French Bulldog puppies start at $3000 +

All prices listed are for limited AKC registration.

This is subject to change, so please ask to be sure. 




Lifetime breeder support


We provide Life time support to all puppy buyers for any questions, concerns, or problems

that may arise after you receive your puppy. 

We also request periodic updates on your puppy’s development and photos. 




Choosing your puppy


Puppy choice is based on the order the deposits were received. 

First deposit gets first choice. 

We as the breeders maintain the right to pull puppies that we plan to add to our program

We do accept names of those interested in the puppies we pull in the event we

choose to place them back available. 

We do not pull from every litter, but we do reserve the right.


We understand that choosing a puppy is tough.  We are available to make recommendations and help in any way we can.  We provide weekly photos of each puppy, and observe personality traits to help in the decision making process. 






Great Danes grow very quickly.  It is very important that they be fed an appropriate diet.


What is an appropriate diet for a Great Dane?

You will get many different opinions on this.  Studies have shown that Calcium and Phosphorus play a very important role in the development and growth of Great Dane puppies. 

I spend countless hours reading and researching how to keep the puppies I have bred from developing any growth disorders due to nutrition.


What works for me at the moment, keeping in mind this is always subject to change.

Currently I am feeding all puppies born here at Eagle Valley Danes & French Bulldogs
ProPlan puppy. 

Our Danes are fed the large breed and the French bulldogs are fed the small breed


There are many other wonderful foods you can feed your Dane,


but please do your own research and stick to the guidelines. 

I will be very happy to assist you in choosing a food for your new puppy.


Here are a few you may consider. 

Some I have used and others I have heard great things about. 

Do Not feed a grain free feed and avoid lamb as the main source of protein.


Precise Hollistic

4 Health

Diamond Naturals




Pro Plan






We believe that ear cropping is a personal choice.  We personally have both croppers and floppers and love them both.  For the show ring, our personal preference is the cropped look.  We do not feel the process is in any way in-humane.  The puppies are sedated throughout the process and receive pain medication for any discomfort.  After the anesthesia wears off, the puppies are running around and playing with each other.


There are many, many crop styles to choose from.  On occasion, we do offer cropping.  Our vet of choice for cropping is located approximately 6 hours from our home.  We believe that if you are going to make the decision to crop, that it be done by an experienced vet.  Our vet is extremely experienced and well known in the cropping world.  She is truly an artist when it comes to cropping and the only person at this time that we trust to crop our personal dogs.  Due to the distance, we do require that we have 3 puppies being taken to have cropped from a litter.  The cropping fee has to be paid in advance at approximately 5 weeks of age and is non-refundable if you decide not to have your puppy cropped after the appointment is set.  The puppies are cropped at around 6-8 weeks of age. 

No puppy leaves our care until the stitches are out and we are comfortable that they are healed. 

The healing process takes approximately 10 days.

Current cropping fee is $550


We frequently have families interested in delivery options. 

Our preference is to have each family pick up their puppy in person.  

We have had several families fly in and fly home with their puppies in cabin with them. 

We have had other families fly in  and rent a car to drive home with their puppy as well. 




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