Brier & Duke puppies
DOB 7/7/2021

All puppies are reserved

eZy Watermark_19-07-2021_06-06-20PM.JPG


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Harlequin Female
Pink Collar

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Harlequin Female
Teal Collar

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Harlequin Female
No Collar

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Harlequin Pie Female

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Merle Mantle Male
Black Collar

Thank you for your interest in our Great Dane puppies. 


We assume that since you have made it to our puppy page, that you are interested in adding a Great Dane to your family. 


While we do have a few litters a year, the best way to insure that you will be able to reserve a spot for a puppy

is to flll out our application and be placed on our waiting list. 

It is not uncommon for our puppies to be reserved before they are born.


We do have families on our waiting list who may be waiting on a particular color or be interested in a certain breeding to occur, months to years in advance.  We are sorry for the inconvenience to those who are not interested in waiting and understand that adding a puppy is an exciting time and waiting isn't fun.  We do however believe in our dogs and our breeding program and can assure you that adding a healthy, happy puppy to your family should be your ultimate goal and will be well worth the wait.


We spend countless hours and funds maintaining the health of our Danes and planning each breeding. 

We don't believe in throwing just any 2 dogs together and hoping for puppies.

All of our dogs are our family members first.

Each pairing is carefully thought out and planned.  

We spend countless hours caring for each puppy after they are born to ensure their health and happiness.


Our goal is to provide you with a happy, healthy, well adjusted family member that you can enjoy for many years.




STEP 1  If you are interested in being placed on our waiting list,

or placing an early deposit to secure your place, you will first need to fill out our application.


The second step will be our waiting list and then deciding on a puppy.


Please fill out the application in detail with the traits desired in your puppy and provide as much information as possible about your experience with dogs in general and specifically a Great Dane. 

This information helps us to recommend puppies that will fit into your lifestyle based on personality

and temperament if you should need our help deciding on a puppy.


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