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Welcome to the cropping page

We know from experience that cropping can be a hot topic. 

We will not judge anyone for making the decision to crop or flop. 
Most of our dogs have floppy ears while a few are cropped.

We have made the decision that any dogs we personally intend to

use in the show ring, will be cropped. 


We personally love them both ways. 

We love the regal appearance of the crop and the soft expression of our floppers. 


Cropping is a personal choice.  

On occassion we will offer cropping. 
The veterinarian we use is located 6 hours from us. 

She is very highly respected in the world of cropping. 
This is the only place that we will take one of our personal puppies
to have their ears done.


We have had a few people choose to use their own vets for cropping,

and we have no problems with that. 

We are happy to provide you with pictures and contact information for those vets to assist in the decision making process.

This page is a work in progress. 

I will be adding pictures of crop styles and videos on how to post them after cropping

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